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Celebrating World Toilet Day

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On the occasion of the United Nations Global World Toilet Day 2023, Safisana is organising an event next Sunday 19th of November in the Municipality of Ashaiman. The event aims to highlight the social economic and environmental impact of safe sanitation and proper waste treatment on the health and living conditions of urban communities. As a waste recycling company, we collect and treat fecal waste from public toilets and households and use it as a resource to produce valuable products: electricity and premium organic fertilizer. The festive World Toilet Day event is to stress the importance of SDG 6 which aims to achieve Safe Sanitation for All in 2030.

Free Toilet Service and Soap

The event will take place in two locations in Greater Accra, starting at the Safisana recycling plant and ending at the newly refurbished public toilet both located in the community of Ashaiman Kojo. Here we will be promoting safe sanitation by offering free service for one day, and by distributing soap to all customers, to raise awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and health.

Festive opening of refurbished public toilets

In the presence of the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Albert Boakye Okyere, Safisana's General Manager in Ghana Elikplim Asilevi, community representants and schoolkids, we will organise a public float to the newly refurbished public toilet in the Ashaiman, which will be officially opened with a festive ceremony with speeches of the MCE and Elikplim Asilevi. 

World Toilet Day Awareness campaign

Safisana's Toilet Operator Perfect providing clean toilets at all times.

The event is part of an ongoing awareness and impact campaign on health, Safisana has launched in the past week. The series includes stories from ordinary people in the community on how sanitation affects their daily lives, from local SMEs who work in the sanitation field and contribute to a cleaner and healthier living environment for the community. Check all their testimonials on our impact blog:

Wishing you all a Happy World Toilet Day with you!

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