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Exciting new partnership with the Autodesk Foundation

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We are pleased to welcome the Autodesk Foundation as a new funding partner for Safisana and we are delighted to join Autodesk’s Health & Resilience portfolio. The Autodesk Foundation, based in the US, is a philanthropic fund that invests in nonprofits and startups helping to de-risk innovation and bring industry-transforming solutions to scale. By facilitating a blend of funding, technical training, and expertise, the Autodesk Foundation focuses on bringing innovations to market to advance a more sustainable, resilient and equitable world.

Beth Foster-Chao, Portfolio & Investment Manager at the Autodesk Foundation: “The reason why we support Safisana is because of its breakthrough model that combines circularity concepts, localized technology, and cross-sector partnerships to reshape how sanitation infrastructure can be scaled in fast-growing economies across Africa, all while connecting communities and industries to new sources of clean energy.”

Organic waste truck at Safisana´s plant with biodigester in the background.

The Autodesk Foundation will contribute to Safisana’s existing operations in Ghana and support the scale-up to new locations. Their partnership approach enables us to strengthen our profile in the country to work with the different private and public partners to achieve our mission of improving waste.

“By working with the Autodesk Foundation, Safisana can replicate and scale its circular model to many more locations in low- and middle-income countries and strengthen its sustainable socio-economic and environmental impact on communities and the climate.” — Aart van den Beukel, Founder & Managing Director, Safisana.

Safisana´s circular model

For more information on this partnership, visit the website, LinkedIn
or read the investor blog by Portfolio & Investment Manager Beth Foster-Chao.

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