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Presenting The Safisana Solution in Ghana – Turning Waste into Value

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We are proud to present the 7 minute documentary The Safisana Solution in Ghana - Turning Waste into Value. The video showcases the working of our waste recycling plant in Ashaiman, a community in the Greater Accra Area in Ghana. The video clearly highlights the social, economic and environmental impacts of The Safisana Solution on people's lives and the environment. It explains how improved sanitation services plus the collection and treatment of organic and faecal waste can improve the health and living conditions for hundreds thousands of people in vulnerable urban communities like Ashaiman.

Overview of the recycling plant in the community of Ashaiman

Public Privatie Partnerships

In 2017,  the Safisana plant was the first waste-to-resource facility in West Africa. The project was commissioned by the local municipality, and the Ghanaian Ministries of Energy, and Food and Agriculture. The project was financed by the African Development Bank, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and private funds. After five years, it is now our ambition to scale and replicate our model in as many non-sewered areas across the African continent.

The video also stresses the importance of collaboration and the important role of both public and private partners play to make the Safisana model work. Raymond Okrofu, board member and former manager stresses in the video:

"Waste management is actually the duty of government, everywhere you go in the world, and we are happy that our government is very receptive to private sector participation in development in general. That is why Safisana as a private entity is coming in to help. This must be a welcome news for government. So the government must encourage such initiatives. "

Our beneficiaries: families and childrenm, market vendors, farmers, local truck drivers, public toilet operators and other local SMEs

Impacting over 80,000 primary beneficiaries

Today the recycling plant located in Ashaiman has grown into a stable and locally managed company – serving over 80,000 beneficiaries in the community. Scaling and replicating the Safisana Solution will allow densely populated urban communities that are currently underserved, to achieve sustainable growth and longlasting improvements on health and sanitation, climate, economic livelihoods and food security. Read more about the benefits and beneficiaries of our model.

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