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Nurturing Sustainability and Fostering Growth: Safisana’s Highlights of 2023

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As we approach the end of the year, we take the opportunity to reflect on the significant achievements and events that have shaped Safisana's journey throughout 2023. With a due sense of pride, we look back at a commercially successful year for Safisana. 

Founder and managing director Aart van den Beukel: ‘Looking at the results of the last few months, we can cautiously conclude that our operations in Ghana are clearly approaching the long-expected break-even. This is an important milestone for which we have worked very hard since the opening in 2017, and we are very committed to continuing the positive trend next year.’

Expanding the business in Kumasi

The other important milestone of 2023 has been the expansion of our business in Kumasi, Ghana’s second-largest city, where we have established a composting production site in partnership with the local Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly and Clean Team Ghana. This significant undertaking allows us to further grow our social economic and environmental impact on local communities in Ghana. Next year, we will continue to build partnerships to expand our business in Accra, Kumasi and outside Ghana, especially with the large food and beverage industries. ““Recycling waste and turning it into clean energy and premium fertilizer both serves corporate and community interests! We believe there is a huge interest in reducing carbon emissions and making a positive impact on people’s health and climate change”, Van den Beukel says.

Strengthening local leadership

The good results both in our plants in Ashaiman and Kumasi have been a major achievement of the team in Ghana who have shown great ownership and leadership this year under the inspirational guidance of our new General Manager Elikplim Asilevi who has strengthened the team ever since his entrance into the company in March. Elikplim's presence has greatly enhanced the commercial and professional aspects of our operations at a local level. Essential prerequisites such as an additional Combined Heat and power generator (CHP) have been established to facilitate the expansion of the production capacity. Additionally, there has been a notable improvement in team spirit and individual performance. “We have reinforced the culture of collaboration to drive innovation, creativity, and effective problem-solving, encouraging open communication and shared sense of purpose. This has unlocked the great potential of the team to achieve great results”, according to Elikplim Asilevi.” Working together, we have carefully assessed our production processes, resulting in a substantial increase in local efficiency and subsequent reduction in operational costs.”

Building strong partnerships

Strengthening existing and building new partnerships also have been part of the success.
Ties with the local governments of Ashaiman and Greater Accra Municipal Assembly and national government bodies and ministries have been strengthened by organizing awareness campaigns around Global Recycling Day and World Toilet Day within the communities. We have welcomed new international investors on board as well as new valuable partnerships with prominent local industrial clients including Promasidor, and Nestlé to our supply chain; this has contributed significantly to the increased tonnage of waste treated.  Similarly, in terms of sales, significant progress has been made by forging strategic alliances with key market players such as Farmerline and farmer's cooperatives like Agro Eco and Agriterra. Consequently, our sales market has experienced substantial expansion beyond Accra, into the agricultural regions in central, eastern and northern Ghana.

We believe all of these developments build up a firm foundation for our scaling ambitions for next year and beyond. Thank you for being part of Safisana’s journey in 2023. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth and impact next year!

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