Safisana Ghana celebrates Global Recycling Day 2023

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On Saturday 18th March 2023, waste recycling company Safisana will celebrate Global Recycling Day at the Ashaiman Main Market and the Tema food market. Safisana will organise an event to raise awareness about the importance of recycling organic waste. The campaign with the title Grow Food Not Waste is specially organised for the market queens that supply their organic waste to Safisana. This waste is used to produce electricity for the community and organic fertilizer for the local farmers.

Programme at Ashaiman Main Market and Tema

Between 10- 11.00 AM. the Safisana team will distribute aprons to the market queens at the Ashaiman Main Market. These aprons help to improve the personal health and hygiene of the market women by keeping their clothes clean and neat. Also, cotton market bags will be distributed to the market queens, so that they can provide them to their customers. Cotton bags replace plastic bags and can be used over and over again. This reduces litter in the streets and environmental pollution caused by plastics. Around noon, the Safisana Team will move the Global Recycling Day festivities to the food market in Tema.

Recycling for impact

Collection and recycling of organic (and faecal) waste lead to social economic and environmental impacts on the community. It leads to a cleaner and healthier living environment for all, with improved personal health and hygiene, less direct exposure to waste, and fewer rodents in the streets, leading to the reduced spread of communicable diseases. In terms of the environment, waste recycling leads to a reduction of waste dumped into landfills, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions/CO2. And last but not least, the recovery of valuable nutrients from organic matter for the cultivation of food is a sustainable way to increase local food security. This is why we say Grow Food Not Waste!

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