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An end-to-end service model for governments, utilities, and industries 

 The Safisana recycling plant is a cost-saving, fully serviced all-in-one solution for sustainable treatment of wastewater, solid waste and faecal sludge management. To promote and ensure long-term impact, we adopt an holistic approach that captures all end-to-end points on the value chain (design, build, financing, operation and transfer) across the business and plant development process. We are ready to replicate and currently exploring opportunities to work on co-location with existing wastewater utilities and developing systems with food processing industries 

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The value proposition 

A Safisana recycling plant is locally managed and remotely supported by a team of experts in the Netherlands, and can serve communities larger than 100,000 people. The initial investment required for the design and construction of the plant is predominantly supported by contributions of donor parties, governmental bodies and loans from international finance institutions or commercial banks. The technology installed is low tech, easy to operate and cost-effective to maintain. Opererational costs are covered by sales of end-products: electricity to the grid , organic fertilizer to local farmers. 

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Governments & Utilities






Benefits for governments and/or utilities 

  • Sustainable low-cost, fully serviced, and supported solution for treatment of faecal sludge management that complies with national and local regulations for waste treatment; 
  • Add-on options for existing wastewater treatment facilities in ‘critical state’ to increase capacity and lower operational cost; 
  • A solution to public health problems and accompanying costs; level of sanitation corresponding with UNESCO classification of “improved services”; 
  • Positive impact on the natural environment through reduction of CO2 emission, water quality improvement, and recovery and phosphates and nutrients; 
  • A holistic approach that stimulates organic farming, energy transition, economic growth, employment, and food security. 

'I see the start of a new dawn for Ghana especially with the innovative approach to waste treatment and recovery as pioneered by Safisana. The circular economy concept continues to gain support in developing countries as a way to address environmental problems and gain economic competitiveness. We will continue to work with Safisana to expand the model in other parts of Ghana'


Ing. Anthony Mensah
Director of Env. Health and Sanitation Directorate
Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources

Benefits for wastewater and food processing industries 

  • Solution for residual waste (water) problem; 
  • Waste becomes source of revenue; 
  • Promotes carbon neutral, models, decreases environmental footprint
  • Contributing to Environment Social Governance (ESG) ambitions 
  • Promote local community partnership, engaging with coporate approaches to SDGs 

    Want to get involved? Read more in this link or fill out the contact form here.

'SeKaf Ghana Ltd. processes shea nuts to shea butter and supplies the shea residues to Safisana to produce electricity and organic compost. We now generate revenue with our organic waste that otherwise would have gone to the landfill. And we reduce our footprint'


Erick Oseiku
Production Manager at SeKaF Ghana limited

Benefits for local communities 

  •  Contributes to a safe, hygienic and healthy living environment 

  • Less direct exposure to waste (solid and liquid); less rodents and spreading diseases 

  • Promotion of circular and local food production systems

  • Improved quality and quantity of year round yields of fresh/healthy food, enhancing food security. 

  • Availability of affordable and clean energy 

  • Economic activity and employment for local SMEs; increase of economic livelihoods 

'It was a dream come true to work with Safisana. Dumping waste in illegal sites or in the bush doesn’t happen since we started to work with Safisana. We help in preventing environmental damage and the spread of public health diseases'


Agyenim Boateng 
Manager at Boat Waste Management, a faecal truck operating company

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