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Want to become a Safisana supplier?

Our recycling plant located in Adjei Kojo, Ashaiman is looking for new suppliers who can provide us with large quantities of organic waste.  

Besides premium quality food, large food processing industries produce large volumes of waste during their manufacturing processes. Treatment of this waste is often a burden and a very costly affair. We offer affordable and environmentally friendly waste treatment services to the food processing industries. By upcycling your waste, you contribute to Safisana's mission to make a positive social economic and environmental impact on the local community.  

Reducing operational footprint
We collect organic waste from large food processing industries and faecal waste from the communities and turn them into high-value products:  clean energy (biogas/heat/power) and organic fertiliser. The Safisana model directly generates positive impacts on the food processing operation itself in terms of the reduction of carbon footprint and sustainability as well as on the local community. We currently serve over 147,000 people with improved sanitation and health, employment, and availability of electricity and food.

Volumes and types of waste 
We currently treat 20-35 tonnes of food waste on a daily basis. Among our current suppliers are large local food processing industries such as Fanmilk, Nestle, Olam and Sikaf. We treat all types of organic waste materials, from rejected batches to leftovers, to residual products. Useful organic materials for the production of energy and compost are brewer's grains, distiller's grains and spent yeast from breweries, fruit pulp and pomace (grape, apple), tomato paste, fruit residue from wine production, wheat flour, bakery waste, rye, dough, milk, shea nut residue, cocoa beans shells,  fodder beet, potato residue. 

Interested to know more about our recycling services? Please fill out the form in this link and we will get back to you asap. 

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