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Safisana kicks off storytelling campaign World Toilet Day 2023

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In less than two weeks, on the 19th of November, it is time to celebrate UN World Toilet Day 2023. In the weeks running up to this global annual event, Safisana is kicking off with a storytelling campaign around the theme of sanitation and health.

The series includes stories from ordinary people in the community who tell us how poor sanitation is affecting their daily lives, personal health and well-being.
We will introduce you to local SMEs Safisana works within the field, such as toilet operators and faecal truck drivers whose work creates a direct positive long-term impact on the health and safety of the community.  Further, we will engage with experts such as Mrs Vida Duti, who, in her role as the country director of IRC Ghana, dedicates her career to improving access to safe sanitation, healthcare, and human dignity in communities in Ghana.

To kick off the series, let us first feed you with some basic information on the current state of Sanitation in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world to understand the nature and magnitude of sanitation problems in the most affected regions.

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